Clean Energy Transformation Act

On May 7th, 2019, Governor Jay Inslee signed into law the Clean Energy Transformation ACT (CETA), which commits Washington State to achieve an electricity supply that is 100% greenhouse gas emissions free by 2045.

About CETA

Electricity production is the third-largest source of carbon emissions in the state. The bill aims to curb that by eliminating coal power, including the importation of electricity produced by coal-fired power plants in neighboring states, by 2025. Washington utilities, including Grant PUD, are required by law to transition to a carbon-neutral electricity supply by 2030, before eliminating fossil fuel electricity production completely by 2045.

The legislation requires utilities to engage the public to help determine their clean energy transition. Utilities will be required to account for the costs and impacts of carbon pollution when considering energy sources. As part of this requirement, utilities must develop a Clean Energy Implementation Plan (CEIP) that demonstrates how they will work to meet carbon standards at the lowest reasonable cost in the next four years. In addition, utilities must develop a ten-year Clean Energy Action Plan (CEAP) as part of its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) to identify specific actions to be taken to implement CETA at the lowest reasonable cost while meeting an acceptable resource adequacy standard.

Upcoming Meetings

Public Workshop: Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) 

The Clean Energy Transformation ACT (CETA) commits utilities to reach 100% clean electricity supply by 2045 while providing safeguards to maintain affordable rates and reliable service.

Grant PUD will be hosting a public workshop  covering its Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) and as part of the IRP will present its Clean Energy Action Plan (CEAP).

This public workshop  will occur as part of the business meeting during the June 28 commission meeting at Ephrata Headquarters Commission Room, 30 C St. SW, Ephrata, WA. The business meeting begins at 1 p.m. and attendees can participate virtually by calling 509-703-5291 and using conference ID 627 899 217#.

Previous Meeting Materials

Meeting materials are in PDF format in English. To request these materials in another form or language, send a message to CETA@gcpud.org.

September 29, 2021 - Virtual Public workshops on Grant PUD's CEIP

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