Training Resources for Employees & Supervisors

Hey Everyone,

The early part of my career was spent as an employee doing disaster public affairs work across the United States with the American Red Cross. I supported disaster relief and recovery efforts in wildfires, hurricanes, tornadoes, mass shootings, etc. In each event there was a common rhythm that emerged. The initial weeks were spent running on overdrive and adrenaline. As response efforts continued, we would occasionally see individuals revert to unhealthy coping behaviors to deal with anxiety, unknowns and stress associated with traumatic life experiences. Many times this was simply due to individuals never having obtained the self-management tools to deal with the anxiety and stress that accompanies difficult or traumatic events.

I can't help but imagine the gamut of responses from folks among our Grant PUD community. Some may believe the current situation is overhyped and heavy-handed, while others are paralyzed by fear as they consider worst-case scenarios. No matter where you land in this continuum, I want to be sure that we provide a common set of tools and language to support ourselves our families, our neighbors and co-workers dealing with a very complex and uncertain time. Toward this end, we are offering you a free series of online, interactive sessions designed to give employees tools to remain anchored and steady in times of uncertainty.

There will be a series of 5 sessions that employees can sign themselves up for throughout the day, with each session lasting no more than 30 minutes. Sessions begin on April 1st and are capped to 10 participants per cohort and as they fill we can add additional times as need warrants. There are separate sessions tailored for those in supervisory positions (see link below) to help you in your respective roles. The sessions are customized for us in partnership with Henley Leadership and center on the following themes:

  1. Stages of change (and what to expect)
  2. Staying connected in the face of isolation
  3. Dealing with stress and anxiety through disruptive times
  4. Self-care and coping strategies in the face of uncertainty
  5. Grounding yourself in a growth mindset and staying focused on future outcomes

Frontline Employees: To sign up for a session, please head to the Employee Registration Portal. The password will be GrantCountyPUD

Supervisors: To sign up for a session, please head to the Supervisor Registration Portal. The password will be GrantCountyPUD

There are cohort sessions offered throughout the day for maximum convenience or in the event you would like family members to join. In instances where overtime may be needed, the Executive Team has approved any necessary overtime to make your attendance possible.

As we each learn, struggle and grow alongside one another I want to also make myself and our Organizational Development team available if there are ways we can be present for you, help you process current challenges, or provide space to simply listen in these moments of social distancing. If you would benefit from a connection session like this, please feel free to reach out to myself and I would be happy to arrange time to connect via Teams.

Take Care,

Thomas Stredwick

Sr. Manager of Leadership & Organizational Development