Systemwide Coronavirus Update for March 10, 2020

Coronavirus response webpage. We have set up a Coronavirus Response webpage that shows Grant PUD's current conditions in our response to the threat of Coronavirus. This webpage also has an archive to the systemwide update messages we have sent out related to the virus. We will update this page when and if conditions change.

Travel policy clarification. District travel already planned outside Grant PUD's service area and project lands for the next 30 days must be approved by the senior executive (CXO) over your department. Any new travel plans must also receive senior executive approval. Employees are also asked to make prudent travel decisions on their personal time.

Refer to trusted resources. Below are resources for information and instructions about Coronavirus from trusted sources. Please refer to these and other official sources for information and remember that there are many scams related to the Coronavirus going around, be vigilant and wise to prevent getting scammed.

We have an EAP. Employees are reminded that they can use our Employee Assistance Program, GuidanceResources Online. Instructions to register are found here. (Link to instructions only works on Grant PUD's network.)

The program offers:

  • Confidential Emotional Support
  • Work-Life Solutions
  • Legal Guidance
  • Financial Resources
  • Online support

Be wise on social media. We also have a word of advice about social media and sharing information regarding our response to the threat of Coronavirus. Please remember that we are all being watched closely and that we are in a situation where emotions are heightened. If employees or our organization are perceived as making light or taking the wrong tone when it comes to this situation, it will likely have significant impacts to our reputation and to resources as we respond to the damage caused. All employees must reflect our corporate values and must follow our social media policy. (Link only works on Grant PUD's network.)