Information on Business Travel Expenses

Good afternoon, in light of recent work restrictions and travel adjustments, Accounts Payable wanted to provide guidance and help on questions that have been coming in on travel costs. Please see the below information and reach out to Tracy Holcomb or Angie Smith via email with specific situational questions as needed.

Updates to travel based on our travel policy and trying to resolve any unusual circumstances

According to our travel policy 4.5.3, the District will pay the associated penalties for changing any reservations. Please ensure unused non-refundable tickets will be applied to future District travel.

  • If there have been any charges against an employee's personal credit card (employee related expenses only) due to cancellation or changes for a conference or for future travel please submit an SOE for those charges with backup. Please do not take any credits personally for a work-related trip.
  • If there are charges to a PCard for changes to a flight, please attach backup documentation with your PCard. If there are no out of pocket expenses, no SOE needs to be submitted.
  • Please notate on your PCard statement of any cancellations or charges and attach receipts as normal procedure.
  • If you were on a trip and it was cancelled, please put all charges on your SOE for reimbursement.
  • Unfortunately, if you booked travel for someone to accompany you on your work trip, we cannot authorize reimbursement for any charges related to getting your companion home, or for the companion's flight if it was booked future travel, this is considered gifting of public funds which is not allowed.
  • Any credits or changes to flights need to be documented with a travel card, an admin's card or the PCard holder. The charge and the credit for the cancelled travel arrangements need to be a District responsibility not a personal one.

Important information for Admins

  • Please follow up with any cancellations that charged you a fee within the last few weeks. It is known that airlines are now not charging fees, you may be able to get a refund.
  • Please create a record to keep track of cancelled flights and the credits to make sure they are used within the time period allowed (AP will follow up within the next few days on direction and questions).

Travel restriction

  • Until further notice: District travel already planned outside Grant PUD's service area and project lands must be approved by a Senior Executive (CXO). Any new travel plans must also receive senior executive approval. Employees are also asked to make prudent travel decisions on their personal time.

If there are any additional questions you may have please reach out to Angie Smith or Tracy Holcomb and they can assist you.

Bonnie Overfield

Senior Manager of Treasury