COVID-19 Response Update for Supervisors - 3/18/2020

Dear Supervisors,

First I want to tell you that I and the senior executive team are so proud of the work you are doing. We're being challenged with an unprecedented situation here and you and your employees are demonstrating our commitment to excellence in service and leadership. Your dedication and creativity has already helped us achieve so much in the first two weeks of our response to the threat of COVID-19 Coronavirus and it will ensure we will continue to provide our mission-critical services for our customers.

We know making these business modifications have not been easy and they have resulted in some very long hours for many staff members. Please make sure that you and your employees are not being pushed to the point of fatigue. As we're hearing from our government officials, our societal response to this threat will be ongoing for a number of weeks. Everyone will need time to be away from the pressures of work. Please allow time for your employees to rest and relax and provide them with a regular schedule as much as possible. Also, please share with them that we have resources available to help, including our Employee Assistance Program.

Here are a few things that we want you to pass along to your teams. This information can be found here: https://www.grantpud.org/blog/coronavirus. If you have questions about these instructions, please contact the Senior Executive (CXO) over your department.




  1. We have instructions for employees if they test positive for COVID-19 (We are not aware of any employees with positive tests), show symptoms of COVID-19, or have had various levels of exposure to COVID-19. The instructions are found here: https://grantpud.org/blog/exposures.
  2. We have instructions for employees who are returning from travel in other countries. https://www.grantpud.org/blog/returning-travel.
  3. Employees who are not in the At-Risk pool of workers can access their work stations to retrieve items needed to work from home. Follow the instructions found here: https://www.grantpud.org/blog/work-location-instructions.
  4. Time cards will be due on Friday at 10 a.m. Please follow the instructions for time cards here: https://www.grantpud.org/blog/attributes-and-timekeeping-information.
  5. Here are general instructions for accessing MyHR remotely: https://grantpud.org/blog/myhr-remote.
  6. All employees should be given the following standing work tasks when they are not actively performing assigned work:
  7. USPS, parcel and interoffice mail delivery:
    1. USPS and interoffice mail delivery have resumed service and will be delivered to normal mail drops by our courier service. Mail is held for 48 hours prior to distribution as a safety precaution. Each department should analyze its needs and take responsibility to assign a staff member to retrieve and distribute mail as needed. Some departments are having one person retrieve and scan the mail to appropriate staff members. It is up to each department to determine what best meets its needs.
    2. Package Delivery:

The warehouses are on a normal business schedule and receiving deliveries. Packages delivered to the various warehouses will be held at that warehouse. For control and safety measures, employees expecting packages must contact the warehouse and arrange for pickup.