Access to Grant PUD Facilities

Hello all,

We, the senior executives, are issuing this communication to clarify and further define expectations for employees and contractors as they access our facilities during our response to the Coronavirus Pandemic. It is VITAL and NECESSARY that you follow this direction because CONTROLLING ACCESS TO OUR FACILTIES is our BEST TACTIC to PREVENT the spread of CORONAVIRUS to employees who must remain on location to keep our mission-critical systems operating. ANY EMPLOYEE WHO FAILS to comply with these rules WILL BE SUBJECT TO DISCIPLINE. Any contractor who fails to comply with be asked to leave our facilities and will be reported to their supervisor.


The Senior Executive and Incident Command Team


  • Access the building only through designated access points, identified at each location by temporary signs.

    • Special requests to accommodate access at other points will be carefully considered based on business needs only.

    • Brass keys shall not be used in place of card readers.

  • All employees and contractors MUST badge in and use their PIN (if pin pad is an option) when they access the building – NO TAILGATING IS ALLOWED.

  • Employees entering Wanapum Dam, Priest Rapids Dam, and the Wanapum, Ephrata and Moses Lake warehouses are required to fill out sign-in sheets. Sign-in sheets are no longer required at other facilities.  

  • All employees who access the facility should practice social distancing and good hygiene to prevent the spread of Coronavirus.

  • Employees who are only there to retrieve items or pickup mail will not linger in the facility and will exit in a timely manner.

  • Anyone who accesses our facilities must sign out prior to leaving and must exit from the designated access and egress point.

    • Other egress points will only be used in the cases of an emergency.

  • For employees and contractors working but NOT entering a building, they do not need to enter the building to sign-in. Supervisors are responsible for maintaining the activity of their employees and contractors.