Auction Checklist

In order to participate in the 2017 Power Auction for the 2018 Slice of the Priest Rapids Project you must:

Become Pre-Qualified to participate in Power Auction

Meet Pre-Qualification Requirements before October 13, 2017 by warranting your:

  • Legal ability to enter into the auction Contract
  • Ability to provide documentation authorizing Contract execution on behalf of Applicant
  • Commitment to post collateral and/or guaranty (if needed)
  • Commitment to provide accurate credit info
  • Commitment to sign Contract if deemed Auction Winner

To submit a valid bid you must:

CheckBox Submit your Bid using the Bid Form provided
Bids must be received by 11 a.m. P.P.T. on November 2, 2017
Bids should be emailed to the email address on the Bid Form

You will be contacted on November 2nd after the conclusion of the Auction to notify you of your standing in the Auction (Auction Winner for 2017 or not.)  If you are the Auction Winner, you must have the following documentation available in tandem for Contract execution on Thursday, November 9, 2017, in Ephrata, WA:

A corporate resolution duly adopted by your organization authorizing the signor of the Contract to execute the Open Market Sale of Priest Rapids Power Contract with the District
Confirmation of posted guaranty or collateral as required by Contract terms
Provide a signed copy or be prepared to sign the Contract as posted on the power auction web site

Post Contract Execution, the Auction Winner will have:

 Joined Mid-C Hourly Coordination
Received training by Grant on Mid-C Hourly Coordination requirements prior to December 31, 2017