Wanapum Turbine Park

Along with offering a nice, relaxing place to take a break, have a picnic or frolic in the green grass, the Wanapum Turbine Park gives visitors an up close opportunity to see the scale of the equipment that is used to harness the power of the Columbia River and turn it into electrical energy. One of the actual turbines originally installed at Wanapum Dam in the 1960s is on display at the park. Visitors can have an opportunity to experience the scale of a machine used to generate up to 100 megawatts of electrical energy.

Interpretive signage explains how the turbine on display was used and how it was replaced by newer, more advanced turbines. The Turbine Park also gives visitors an excellent opportunity to view the dam and see how it operates to convert the energy of the flowing river water into electrical energy, as well as provide for fish passage.

 Visit our interactive map for driving directions and to find out more about the amenities at the park.