2018 Hourly Water Quality Data


WARNING-PROVISIONAL DATA, SUBJECT TO REVISION: Real-time data presented by Grant County Public Utility District No. 2 (Grant PUD) on this website - including discharge (Kcfs), spill (Kcfs), percent spill (spill %), temperature (temp - Celsius), total dissolved gas (TDG saturation %), total dissolved pressure (mm/hg), and barometric pressure (mm Hg) are preliminary and have not received final quality assurance/quality control (QA/QC) review and verification. Inaccuracies in the data may be present, and can be the result of instrument malfunctions, instrument failure, or physical changes at Fixed Monitoring Stations. Subsequent review may result in significant revisions to this data.

THIS DATA SHOULD NOT BE USED AS THE BASIS FOR MAKING BUSINESS, PERSONAL, OR OTHER DECISIONS AND GRANT PUD DOES NOT WARRANT ITS FITNESS FOR ANY USE OR PURPOSE. Data that has received QA/QC review and verification is posted daily, for the preceding day Monday through Thursday, and on Monday for the preceding Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at our Water Quality Monitoring page.