Avian Protection

We believe our responsibility to generate energy for our customers coincides with our commitment to the environment. That’s why we have an avian protection plan. The avian protection plan is designed to improve the reliability of our power system while reducing harm to birds. The plan is a living document that evolves as we work to balance our goal of providing reliable and inexpensive power, while at the same time fulfilling our commitment of protecting birds in our project territory.

Most species of birds on our project lands are covered by bird-protection laws, including the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, Endangered Species Act and the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act. We take our responsibility to protect birds seriously and have implemented a number of steps to meet our protection goals.

Avian Monitoring: We have an active monitoring program conducted by biologists to track birds on our project lands and determine the action needed to help these birds thrive.

Response Program: If there is a bird-issue involving our property or infrastructure, we respond swiftly to analyze and correct the problem.

Habitat Enhancement: We make an effort to ensure that birds in our project have habitat to thrive. We construct perches for birds safely away from electric equipment, protect natural nesting and perching areas, and preserve feeding areas.

Upgrading Equipment: Many species of birds can be attracted to our equipment for perching or nesting. We are constantly analyzing and upgrading our equipment with the latest technology to promote bird safety.

Education and Outreach: We work with the public to educate them about the birds that live and migrate in our project lands and promote awareness and understanding about their importance in our ecosystem