Predator control

Avian arrays

Installation of wire deters various species of fish-eating birds that prey upon migrating salmon smolts. We conducted studies at Wanapum and Priest Rapids dams to determine where birds feed upon smolts, and installed wire arrays to protect fish in those areas.

Number of wires Wanapum: 50;  Priest Rapids: 70
Construction Completed Wanapum: 2010; Priest Rapids: 2008

Northern pikeminnow

Northern pikeminnow are a native, fish-eating minnow that lives in the Columbia River. Northern pikeminnow larger that eight inches are known to feed heavily on salmonid smolts during the downstream migration. To increase survival of the salmonids moving through the Priest Rapids Project, we implemented a control program that focuses on removing adults, sub-adult and yearling northern pikeminnow. We use set lines, seines (a net that hangs vertically in the water), traps and angling tackle to remove northern pikeminnow and increase the overall survival of migrating juvenile salmonids.