Adult Fishways and Detection

Off-ladder Adult Fish Trap

The Off-ladder Adult Fish Trap facility at Priest Rapids Dam was built for fish research and management activities. The trap diverts steelhead from the fish ladder into a holding tank where they are examined, measured, recorded and tagged before being returned to the fish ladder.

Operation Schedule July until mid-October
Cost $4.2 million
Construction Completed 2007

Adult fishways

We operate and maintain two fishways at each dam designed to allow safe passage upstream for adult fish returning to their native waters. The sluiceways at both Priest Rapids and Wanapum dams provide a fallback passage for steelhead and fall Chinook.

Operation Schedule April to November during upstream fish migration

Adult fish detection

Adult Passive Integrator Transponder (PIT)-tag detection equipment is installed at both fishways at Priest Rapids Dam. These PIT-tag readers monitor downstream survival of fish and their return upstream, providing valuable data regarding fish migration histories.

Operation Schedule Year-round
Construction Completed 2003

Fish counting

We are committed to providing accurate counts of adult fish migrating through the fishways at Priest Rapids and Wanapum dams. These counts contribute to research and management purposes for the Columbia Basin salmon populations and river environment.

Operation Schedule 24-hours, April 15 through November 15
Construction Completed Video counting installed in 2007