Our High-Speed Network

Grant Hi-SpeedCLR

Grant PUD's High Speed Network is the fastest Internet connection in the United States, according to a recent survey. The network provides the backbone for blazing fast Internet-based communications, provided to you by independent Internet Service Providers. We're expanding the connections to our network in Grant County. Find out today if you're in an area served by our High Speed Network and how easy it is to get connected.

Grant PUD High Speed Network Availability

Check for High Speed Network availability here, or use the links to the right.

High Speed Network Services

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  • High-speed Internet access
  • Telephone service  
  • Television, including HDTV
  • Wireless High Speed Network (in some areas of Grant County)

Grant PUD High Speed Network Providers

Independent Internet Service Providers deliver Internet-based services to Grant County residents and businesses in our High Speed Network. Our Internet Service Providers will get you connected and help you stay connected.

If you are currently connected to our High Speed Network and have questions about your service, contact your Internet Service Provider.

Qualified equipment installers for Grant PUD's High Speed Network

The following companies have qualified to install equipment for Grant PUD's High Speed Network:

Back Roads Electric: (509) 822-3630
B&D Communications: (509) 760-2727